Year 10 or 12 Formal? Hire Formal Cars in Sydney

Are you looking for a luxurious transport option for your school formal? Here at SWC, you will be able to enjoy the same privilege of owning a vehicle.

We have an exclusive inventory of high-end formal car hire in Sydney specialised for transport. Choose our Bentley or Mercedes and make your presence felt in your school formal.

Why us?
Choose us for all sorts of corporate transports as because –

  • We have the best collection of vehicles for formal occasions
  • We offer special offers on our price unlike that of the other car hire services in the market
  • Our chauffeurs are well trained and will appear for the event dressed up in formal attire based on your requirement
  • Our cars are well-maintained
  • We provide on-time transportation service without any hassle

What can you expect from us?

  • Firstly, you can expect a comfortable ride in our high-end vehicles including relaxing leather seats and plenty of leg room.
  • You can expect the most competitive price in the market and get the right value for your money with amazing services
  • You can expect a chauffeur coming to pick or your client up for the event who is well aware of the routes and let their clients reach the event without any delay.

Finally, you can expect the onlookers throw an envious look at your car as you reach the destination in style.